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Game-based Learning with SMART Lab

Game-based Learning
with SMART Lab

Monster Quiz is the newest addition to SMART lab and represents a step into the world of game-based learning. On the SMART EdBlog, Michael Boyle writes about the core design principles behind all of SMART lab activities.

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Improve Communications and Safety with Digital Signage for Schools

Improve Communications and Safety with Digital Signage for Schools

Visix offers affordable digital signage systems to schools. Digital signage can be used to keep students, parents and faculty informed and engaged. Visit the Visix website and download their whitepaper that describes the essential steps of launching a successful digital signage program, the benefits for schools and students, and ideas for content.

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Back-to-School Promoations from SMART

Back-to-School Promotions from SMART

Take advantage of these back-to-school promotions from SMART:

All-in deal on the new SMART kapp iQ 6065
SMART Board 4075 and 4084 interactive flat panel displays
SMART Table 442i

Download the PDF for details.

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