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Rick Thomas, President & CEO, The Chariot Group


Are people only receiving 45% of your message?

Words convey just a fraction of the meaning of a message. Studies show that 7% of communication is our words, 38% is our tone and 55% is nonverbal. On Polycom's blog The View, Mindi writes about what that means for the workplace.

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Jon Schallet

5 Steps to Launching the Greatest Online Training Program (Or Making Yours Better)

Destination University® helps small towns, communities and businesses learn how to become a destination. The in-person training became so popular that Jon Schallet's clients challenged him to make it available over the Internet.

In this Mediasite webinar, Jon shares his top tips for taking a traditional training program and putting it online.

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At Your Service

At Your Service

Technology (a system’s hardware and software) should get out of the way so you can get your work done. Proper servicing and regular maintenance of your audiovisual system is essential to maximize your team’s productivity.

We offer Service Maintenance Agreements because preventative maintenance reduces the likelihood of malfunctioning systems and emergency call-outs.


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The Chariot Group Conference Center

Conference Center
Anchorage, Alaska

The Chariot Group offers a comfortable, upscale Conference Center conveniently located in midtown Anchorage. The center affords organizations of all types convenient access to a meeting space equipped with the same advanced presentation technology typically found only in large corporate installations. The center, with its knowledgeable support staff, accommodates a variety of meeting types.

For information and reservations, contact our Sales and Events Coordinator at 907.222.5300 or

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